Thursday, March 5, 2009


Whether you are interested in it or not, the fact is this issue is going nowhere soon.  With the European Indoor Championships just on the horizon, it's clear that the 60m men's performances are likely to be overshadowed by the release of Dwain Chambers' book Race Against Me.
As I'm sure Dwain expected, the book was already creating much controversy just days before the British team set sail for Turin.  Alarming allegations began to surface as excerpts from the book were released by various media. Not only has Dwain accused his former agent, John Regis, of knowing all about his drug taking activities, he also raises a huge question mark over the heads of other athletes currently competing.  Whatever your thoughts, there is no doubt that on Monday when his book is released Dwain will get his wish... People will be queuing to find out just who lines up in the Race Against Him.

Note: Dwain has agreed to be interviewed on an upcoming edition of one of my radio shows. (click links to view)
Keep an eye out for more information as myself, J'nette Kwakye and some of the other Ladies of Speed will be delving into the book and where Dwain stands now.


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